MHMK – Macromedia Hochschule

Creation of a catalog (Built as a turn-around catalog for Cologne and Munich.) for the presentation of bachelor theses of graduates of the Macromedia University for communication. Construction and maintenance of various weblogs for the video and text documentation of university-relevant contents.  

Foto Stephan


Web design for the traditional photo shop „Foto-Stephan“ directly on the banks of the Rhine in Porz. Here you can still find real expert advice from professionals for the development of your analogue analogue prints and the appropriate accessories for your camera type at more than fair prices. More information of course at

Bühnen Halle GmbH

Conception and design of a header animation series for the websites of Bühnenhalle GmbH. Including theater and opera. The further animations differ in the color of the corresponding areas. Click on the image to play.

Maxence GmbH

Conception and design of a header animation for the website of maxence GmbH. Enhancement, Enablement, Empowerment The three e. E stands for success. Click on the image to play.