Cologne based Artist Alexander Franke is a storyteller with the affinity to created visual impressions to make people think and question reality that surrounds us. Question the forces which rule our society and conditions of our daily lives. Maybe theres a possibility to find a way out of the rabbit hole where we are captured in the illusion to become someone or something instead of just beeing satisfied with the now and to observe what is. And maybe then we can change cause we understood our way of hidden structures that have lead us to the chaos we are facing right now.

In his way of thinking art has the ability to show misguided influences instead of just making your home a bit more colorful and beauty. It could also do that, but to include a massage in your work is a feature that give a work a higher value. I do not say that every piece of art has the need of a „serious“ intention his work also don’t do this but with it’s talents the artist have the opportunity  and maybe a kind of responsibility  to show where the problems are, and put the finger into the wound instead of making himself popular or rich or what
ever vanity can do to a persons soul. So art has the same power as money. The power to change things and behaviors. It can force you to see things you don’t want to see and therefore deprive your Illusions and sharpen your critical way of thinking about your position inside society and our environment.