DKBW – Deutsches Katholisches Blindenwerk e.V.

Redesign of the corporate design of the Deutsches Katholisches Blindenwerk e.V. including the website design as full responsive design, logo, stationery, flyers, brochures, work reports, texts, picture language and much more. All views and more information at  


Conception, design and realization of a user interface for a touch screen based, public Information system of the Cologne Zoo on the topic: SOZIAL INSECTS. With consideration of usability certificates the development of a Information architecture with the associated navigation structure as well as several Illustrations, animations and interactive content for the educational Mediation This was taken over

Mobivention GmbH

Conception and design of the corporate design for the company “mobivention” GmbH before “Mobile Entertainment Factory”. Development of related advertising media in the on- and offline area. logo animation, image brochure, flyer, business cards and much more

DVD – “Left like Right”

Redesign of a DVD menu for a skateboard video named – Left like Right) using DVD Studio Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. In advance, a collage was made out of skateboarding ads and images in the DinA2 format was created, and digitally edited. Here the metaphor of the signpost was used to be able to control

Prof. Dr. Breidenich – “@DESIGN”

Illustrations for the book publication Christof Breidenich @Design: Aesthetics, Communication, Interaction ( Webgraphics and web communities are currently forming the leading media of the networked society. The author shows how their comprehensibility and handling are realized by design. With examples from media theory, art science and the foundations of design, he provides a foundation for understanding

Soundbros. GmbH


Creation of the online presence for the traditional company SOUNDBROS. GmbH. Sound and lighting technology in Cologne. The company SOUNDBROS. is a leading supplier for the planning and implementation of large regional and national events. Whether it is touring, artist programs or events such as Kölner Lichter. Precise work for a demanding customer. More info here